A Brief History of Beer

Beer has a really long history with interesting facts to consider. It is the most consumed alcoholic beverage worldwide and generally the most popular drink after tea and water. It is highly popular around the world and the perfect match for friends who just enjoy going out to socialize. Girls enjoy drinking it as well during their little fun escapes to town.
Production and Flavor Secrets
Beer is produced through brewing, a process that involves the fermentation of starches coming from cereal grains. The most popular flavor is represented by hops due to their way of adding bitterness to the drink. Hops also act as a natural preservative.
Along the years, numerous other flavorings have also been included in this historic beverage such as herbs and fruits that give it a different taste every time. If you go out with a girl, you will have so much fun trying out different flavors and hearing all about the thrilling experience of travelling to luxurious destinations where this beverage is always present in people’s lives.
Insights on the Fermentation Process
The fermentation process in this case causes a natural carbonation effect that is usually removed during processing. It is then replaced by forced carbonation but still places a huge role at this stage.
This drink has been mentioned even in the earliest known writings from the human history. Specialists talking about it published an article in the Code of Hammurabi for example to explain the laws that regulate its production and distribution.
Back in time, The Hymn to Ninkasi even published a prayer to the Mesopotamian goddess of beer in which the recipe of this wonderful drink was kept public for everyone never to forget it.
Beer in Bottles, Cans and on Draught
No matter how you would like to drink a beer, either from a bottle, a can or directly on draught you can easily do this no matter where you are around the world. It is like this drink has become our common drinking language that helps any two friends or complete strangers share a wonderful new social experience with something they have in common.
If you are in London, looking to have some fun and meet new people going out with girls will be your best experience yet. They are beautiful and have the greatest ways of having fun. Do not feel surprised to hear that a London lady will also enjoy a good drink and laugh at your jokes. They will also have a lot to tell about their experiences around the world, so fun is ensured.
Global Industry
The brewing industry has become the most popular global business. It currently consists of several multinational companies as well as numerous other small producers who bring their own personal touch on this product in their small regional breweries.
If you have never entered one of these breweries in London before it is about time for you to do so because you will be amazed to see how everything is done. Tasting a regional beer coming right from production will make feel like you have reached heaven.